Walking and Hiking

When the Mountains are your Neighbors

GlenCove’s backyard is a spectacular national forest, rich with flora, fauna, streams, and trails. In addition, the miles of pedestrian-friendly paths and trails throughout the glen and ridge, pathways that lead right from GlenCove into the forest, and the beautiful mountains surrounding us.

Yellow Mountain

At 5,127 feet, Yellow Mountain is one of the highest mountains in the Highlands Ranger District. “All Trails” ranks the Yellow Mountain hike as #4 in the Nantahala National Forest trail system. Rated as difficult, this 11.9-mile trail is not for the faint of heart. But it does reward adventurers with some spectacular views. The lookout tower was constructed in 1934 and reconstructed in the early 1990s.

Shortoff Mountain

The Shortoff Mountain Trail is a more moderate trail with a length of 3.8 miles.

There are two Shortoff Mountain trails, so you can extend your adventure by tapping into the other.

Yellow Mountain and Shortoff trails are dog friendly, so your tail-wagging best friend can tag along. GlenCove will publish a trail map showing where you enter these trails when hiking from the property.​